Why you should start keeping a diary right now

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In today’s world ever so preoccupied with impressing other people by showing off a curated version of our lives on social media, there’s not enough space left for honesty and vulnerability. This preoccupation can negatively affect one's mental health and requires some to detox from social media. While you may have heartfelt conversations with your close friends and family, a safe space where you can express all your thoughts without worrying about being judged is still needed. Let’s dive into the cathartic art of journaling or “keeping a diary” and its wonderful benefits:

Journaling improves your self-reflection skills

You can view journaling as a continuous self-assessment that is meant to help you improve and understand yourself better. By recording the meaningful events in your life along with your reaction to them, you can gain a new perspective, track your self-improvement, and enhance your problem-solving skills. At the same time, reflecting on your mistakes in a judgment-free space enhances your self-awareness and enables you to see yourself from a neutral angle.

Journaling helps you unplug and de-stress

Most of us resort to mindless scrolling through our Social Media feeds before going to sleep – but studies show that this routine may harm our mental health. Turning off your notifications and sitting alone with your thoughts, analyzing them, can help you find emotional release and reduce the anxiety produced by negative thoughts and challenging circumstances.

Journaling cultivates your creativity

Creativity lives in all of us, waiting for the opportunity to be unleashed. You don’t need to be a best-selling author to practice your creative writing and free-thinking abilities. By keeping a diary, you turn free-thinking into a daily habit, letting your best ideas flow unhindered and recording them to reflect upon when you’re ready to take action. Maybe you’ve got million-dollar ideas passing unnoticed while having lunch! Write them down and give your inner genius a voice.

Journaling makes you happier

We keep hearing the “practice gratitude” mantra, along with the “positive vibes only” chanted by Social Media influencers who seem to have the dream lifestyle. While the secret of journaling is to be 100% honest with yourself and express all your thoughts, negative and positive, expressing gratitude can help you develop an abundance mindset. Take your time at the end of the day to think about what you’re grateful for, from your awesome friends to your new job or your beloved pet. After all, the key to happiness is to want what you already have and attract even more good into your life.

Conclusion: Journaling is for everybody!

We hope this article helped you see the therapeutic benefits of journaling more clearly. Memairy is your AI-powered friend that enables you to record or type your daily experiences securely, supported by a user-friendly interface. It’s time to become the author of your story!