FAQ for Memairy, the AI-powered online diary

What is the purpose of Memairy?

Our hope is that you will use Memairy to stimulate introspection, creativity, self-improvement, and greater personal satisfaction. Go here to read more about us.

Why should I choose to use Memairy?

Memairy is unique in its use of technology and artificial intelligence to create the best user experience.

How much does it cost?

Free for 30 days then choose a monthly subscription plan for as low at $1 per month.

Am I going to see ads?

Nope. As a matter of principle, this is an ad free sanctuary.

Do I need to download or install anything?

No. Memairy is a web based tool.

Will my data be secure?

Yes - Memairy uses best-in-class security standards to safely transfer and store your data.

Can others view my entries?

No - only you will be able to access your entries. A diary is intended to be private document and Memairy does not provide the ability to publish or share your entries.

Does Memairy have a mobile app?

Not at this moment, but we are working on one. In the meantime, the website is optimized for use of mobile devices and has all the features. In fact, many users prefer to access Memairy from mobile devices.

What if my question is not answered here?

Use the contact form to send us a message. You may also want to check out our informative blog posts on journaling, diary, and artificial intelligence.