3 Amazing Benefits of Writing A Journal

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The modern world has brought forth technological advances intended to make our lives better. Humanity has made enormous progress during the last century continue to achieve more in the coming years. However, as with anything in this world, progress comes at a price. One of the pitfalls of technology is that humans are now more out of touch with reality. Social media may be one of the contributors to this phenomenon. Social media, ideally, should be a source of positivity and interconnectedness. Unfortunately, with the rise of influencers who have been living fake lives for the sake of followers, people have become: 1. More materialistic and envious. 2. More impatient, people now think that anything that takes a lot of time and hard work is not worth it. 3. They seek validation through social media. Instead of spending most of your time on Social Media and risk damaging your mental health, we suggest a better and more beneficial use of your time. Why not work on a journal? Here are the benefits of journaling: 1. Get to know yourself better - Keeping a journal of things such as what transpired during your day may seem trivial at first, but once you do look back on it, you’ll see a glimpse, even a pattern, of how you do things. What inspires you, what you hold dear, even the things that you detest, among others. 2. Track your progress - If you are on the journey of self-improvement or are just trying to learn a new skill or habit, journaling will help you track your progress and allow you to check if you’ve made significant improvements (or not). There’s a rule that even ideas can be improved the moment you track them. What’s tracked can be measured, and what is measured can be improved. 3. Make your journal interactive and modern - When we suggested that you keep a journal, did you think that we had the old notebook and pen in mind? Of course not! While some consider that fun, online journals are even AI-powered to help you keep track of your daily activities and make it more interesting with multimedia. Online journal services such as Memairy allow users to add videos, photos, and texts to make your entries more comprehensive and fun. We urge you to try keeping a journal for a change. We believe that this will be beneficial in the long run to you and your mental health. The goal is to find out more about yourself and help you create a clearer picture of your worth (versus relying on validation from Social Media and similar channels). Check out how you can start your online journal with Memairy now.